Small Shrub & Herbaceous

– Fatpork
– Natal Plum
– Pride of Barbados
– Pigeon Pea
– Mangobean
– Sugarcane

Medium size trees

– Seagrape
– Gliricidia Sepium
– Neem

Tall trees

– Seaside Almond
– Rubber tree
– Seaside Mahoe
– Tourist tree
– Casuarina
– Barbados Mahogany

Fruit & Timber

– Banana
– Cashew
– Fig
– Guava
– Pigeon Pea
– Breadfruit

Nitrogen fixers

– Gliricidia Sepium
– Pride of Barbados
– Leucaenea
– Pigeon Pea

Wind is a serious issue on the coastal property, since there is a consistent wind of between 5-20 mph and regular gusts up to 35 mph.  Without protection from the wind, many of our trees would struggle or simply be unable to survive.



Walkers Reserve is taking a multi-faceted approach to the wind. This involves taking advantage of all existing areas that are protected by the wind, and constructing large crescent mounds upon which wind break plantings will be established.  This will help the wind to flow over the top of the orchard areas rather than right through, therefore reducing stress on the trees, increasing water retention and generally creating a healthier climate for the orchard.

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