Wetlands are becoming increasingly scarcer in Barbados and in the Caribbean in general.  While healthy wetland systems have little to no risk associated with them, many people associate wetlands with tropical diseases.  Wetlands have been drained and filled.  This creates a break in the ecological cycle of an island like Barbados.  We aim to restore the ecological services of wetlands to the island of Barbados through the designing appropriate wetlands.

Endemic Species rescue

Endemic species often disappear on developed islands such as Barbados.  Golf Courses, developments, agricultural fields and pastures all denude the landscape of the vast diversity of habitat that a once forested island like Barbados had to host genetic diversity.  Walkers Forest provides the edge of forest and wetland to encourage endemic species to thrive.

Migratory Bird Sanctuary

sunset birdMigratory birds thrive with layover wetlands.  Barbados has a long history of luring migratory birds to wetlands that are owned or leased by hunters who deplete migratory bird populations.  Walkers will be a haven for endangered species and all migratory birds for their stop over on Barbados on their southward and northward travels. Among other species, American Golden-Plover (Pluvialis dominica) and Hudsonian Godwit (Limosa haemastica), West Indian Whistling-duck (Dendrocygna arborea), and allied migratory birds, will find sanctuary in our sheltered wetlands.

Regenerative Aquaculture

The wetland systems offer the possibility of developing aquaculture systems that can provide valuable and needed fish to the island while giving the reefs and fisheries a much needed break.

This function balances the conservation-oriented goals above to create a system that does not fall into the old dichotomy of humans OR the environment, rising to challenge that assumption with a design in which human needs are integrated in a holistic and regenerative way.


Chinampas are an ancient sustainable agriculture system that combine aquaculture with terrestrial vegetable, fruit, and animal polycultures on an interlaced system of water-filled canals and raised beds. On the Walkers Sand Quarry, Chinampas can provide a diverse and productive edge environment around aquaculture ponds.

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