From active sand quarry to vibrant beach-side forest, Walkers is undergoing a powerful transformative journey. This journey is not only healing the landscape, but is also changing how we perceive our environment, culture, history and possibilities that the future holds.

The regenerative process is lead by a cooperative group of experienced farmers working with local youth and international designers to achieve the multifaceted goals that address the holistic nature of a site rich with history and future possibility.

Ras MikeWalkers Reserve is actively returning quarried areas to ecological health as operations come to a close. The permaculture design, that is guiding the transformation from quarry to food forest, calls for the cultivation of a mixed used agroforestry site for short and long term yields as well as restoring native forest as habitat for threatened wildlife.  Terra Genesis International has been working with the people on the ground at Walkers Reserve since 2011, helping to bring together a regeneration plan the meets the needs of the owners, the local community and the planet as a whole. The regeneration plan stabilizes soil and shelters new growth from strong easterly winds.  Where there were once windswept dunes, now sheltered wetlands form a sanctuary for migratory birds, and endemic amphibians and reptiles that are under pressure from habitat loss. Walkers Reserve is restoring living systems beyond the richness that was found prior to the quarry being established. Working directly with local farmers, pickers and community members, this burgeoning ecosystem rejuvenates Bajan food security, food culture and agro-ecological diversity by knitting the surrounding landscape and social systems together. The transition from sand quarry operations to permaculture land management provides an inspirational example of post extraction ethics. For the people of Walkers, this transition was never a question of if, but of how.

The Walkers Quarry Regeneration Project is dedicated to inspiring and teaching other extraction-oriented businesses around the world to work together towards developing regenerative post-extraction models that can benefit local and international communities in a similar fashion to the pioneering work of Walkers Quarry.

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