This is a short list of the salt-tolerant endemic species on the island, things that we know will do well on site with the salt spray coming off the ocean in the early stages of the project.  As time goes on, we can start to add other species in, like those on this list.

Salt Tolerant Species List

-Compiled by Julian Mangal

To see the original list that provides more information about each plant, please click here.

Local name

Scientific name


Salt tolerance


Horsenicker Ceasalspinia bonduc 10-20′ Very high Seeds used for games
Clammy cherry Cordia 24-30′ Very high wildlife food, gluey fruit
Whitewood Tabebuia pallida 40-60′ High Ornamental
Wild coffee Clerodendrum aculeatum 18-24′ Good Ornamental
River Tamarind Leucaena leucocephala 24-36′ High Animal feed
Seaside Almond Terminalia cattapa 50-60′ Very high Minimal use locally
Bearded fig Ficus citrifolia 40-50′ Very high Shade and ornamental
Dunks Zizyphus mauritiana 12-30′ Good Fruit and ornamental
Mangobean Pithcellobium unguis-cati 15-30′ High Fruit , fencing
Noni Morindad citrifolia 12-30′ High Fruit, Juice,medicinal
Rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis 12-80′ High Ornamental, rubbery sap.
Barbados olive Bontia daphnoides 10-24′ High Ornamental.
Ironwood/ Lignum vitae Guaiacum officinale 24-36′ High Ornamental, Wood
Seaside mahoe Thespinia populinea 20-30′ Very high ornamental, animal feed
Sea Grape Coccoloba uvifera 12-50′ Very high Fruit, Ornamental
Neem Azdirchta indica 20-50′ High Ornamental, shade,insecticide
Cashew Annacardium occidentale 12-24′ High Fruit, Ornamental
Med Fig Ficus carica 12-24′ Fair Fruit
Guava Psidium guajava 12-18′ Fair-poor Fruit, Ornamental
Bajan ackee Melicoccus bijugatus 24-36′ Good Fruit, Ornamental
Tourist tree Bursea simaruba 24-36′ Good Ornamental
Palms e.g. coconut Good many uses
Bamboo “Clumping bamboo” 60-80′ Fair-good ornamental,Building
Pittosporum P. robifolium or toriba 24-48′ Good Hedging, shade
Natal plum Carissa macrocarpa 6-18′ Good Fruit, fence, Ornamental
Tamarind Tamarindus indica 40-50′ fair-good Fruit, Ornamental,
Flambouyant/Ponciana Delonix regia 20-30′ Fair Ornamental,shade
Fatpork Chrysobalanus icaco 6-8′ Very high Fruit,ornamental
Casuarina C. equisetifolia 45-60′ Very high Ornamental
Breadfruit Artocarpus altilus 20-50′ Fair Fruit etc
Breadnut Artocarpus camansi 20-40′ Fair Fruit, seed etc
Eucalyptus E. largiflorens 50+’ Good Leaves tea & medicinal
Woman’s Tongue Albizia Lebbeck 20-40′ Good nitrogen, ornamental
Banana fig plantain etc Musa sp 5-15′ Good Fruit, ornamental
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