The Walkers Landscape is extremely complex, with just over 300 acres of land rising up majestically from the north eastern shore of Barbados. Landforms include steep sand dunes, intact forest, sand dunes, ponds, clay hills, sandstone cliffs, wetlands, and much more.  In order to manage this complexity, Terra Genesis has created an interactive map that uses existing landscape features and micro-climates to separate the land into manageable-sized plots that can be planted, maintained and monitored in a systematic fashion.  This reductionary analysis is valuable for project management and had to be paired with landscape scale design as well as permaculture patterns to maintain connectivity, continuity and coherence throughout the design. This map allows users to click on any plot and understand the full permaculture analysis as well as the regeneration goals and important permaculture patterns that are being implemented.

The map below is interactive with different layers and links to the information pages of the 52 different planting plots. We invite you to explore and discover the Permaculture Design guiding this radical transformation.

Planting Patterns

The force that pushes nature forward can be observed and patterns can be distilled. In our quest for regeneration, we consciously apply those patterns.

Species Lists

Ongoing Species List

Salt Tolerant Species

This extensive species list has been compiled by Eric Toensmeier and lists some of the best, multipurpose species for Walkers Reserve.

The salt-tolerant endemic species on the island as compiled by Julian Mangal

Key regenerative Patterns

Animal Systems





The Design calls for holistic management as well as the rotation of grazing animals

At Walker’s Reserve, compost serves a multitude of functions, including that of restoration, production, and regenerative enterprising.

Mycorrhizal fungal networks perform a function in forest systems that cannot be understated, and are a critical part of natural systemic health.

Without protection from the wind, many of our trees would struggle or simply be unable to survive.

We aim to restore the ecological services of wetlands to the island of Barbados through the design of appropriate wetlands.

Phases of development






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