Walkers Reserve is a big undertaking. Shifting a piece of land from complete degradation back to holistic health requires an extensive process of analysis and design. Before a project such as this one can even get started on those aspects however, it must begin with goals.

Walkers Reserve…

  • is returning extracted areas to ecological health following the extraction process of the quarry.DSC_0122
  • is cultivating a mixed-use permaculture site providing food, fiber, medicine and livelihood.
  • is mitigating, by design, potential ongoing environmental impacts that might have otherwise been caused by the extraction operation. i.e. soil erosion, landslides, and further ecological degradation.
  • is providing habitat to threatened and endangered migratory birds and endemic species to the Lesser Antilles.
  • is proving regenerative economic models are viable alternatives as post extraction.
  • is engaging meaningful education and research with local and international institutions.
  • is inspiring ecological and agricultural tourism for the Scotland District of Barbados.
  • is providing meaningful livelihood opportunities for St. Andrew’s and neighboring parish residents.
  • is conserving and restoring the last remaining dune system of it’s size in Barbados
  • is protecting the endangered leatherback turtle habitat
  • is striving to help stabilize the climate through reforestation and regenerative land use.
  • is supporting the Organic Growers Association with permaculture training and skills.
  • is providing a gene bank for the island of Barbados of rare and useful plants.
  • is inspiring others in similar industry toward truly regenerative restoration goals.

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