It’s a “We Thing!”

As an organization, WIRRED believes that successful regenerative development requires partnerships between all stakeholders; the private sector, government, the development/donor sector, civil society, academia and the community. Partnerships that place the planet and people at the centre are critical to development at the local, national and regional levels.

How did the One Tree For Every Bajan project start?

One Tree For Every Bajan was launched in January, 2019, in collaboration with academia, private sector and the community with the intention of promoting:
  • environmentally conscious volunteerism
  • environmental stewardship
  • contributions to Barbados’s 2030 net zero target
The project started with a collaboration between WIRRED and Elon University, North Carolina, World Forest Program. The aim was to begin restoration of the fragile dune ecosystem of Walkers Beach. The Walkers Beach Dune Restoration Project will restore the largest nesting site for the giant, endangered Leather Back Turtle on the East Coast, St. Andrew.

Partnership for Environmental Goals

Phase One: In the first phase of the Walkers Beach Dune Restoration Project we collaborated with Bellairs Research Institute of McGill University, Barbados Sea Turtle Project, National Conservation Commission, Waste 0, Coastal Zone Management Unit, UNDP, Slow Fish Barbados and the Caribbean Permaculture Research Institute (CPRI) to develop a sound scientific methodology for restoration. Based on the success of these collaborations and in alignment with the UNDP sustainable development goal #17 “Partnership for Goals”, we wanted to follow a similar model of leveraging partnerships for the implementation of this project. Through the collective effort of WIRRED and our project partners, including the public, we intend to plant the indigenous trees needed to restore the dune ecosystem.

Protecting our Ecosystems is a “we thing’’

Phase 2: Understanding that environmental stewardship is everyone’s concern and encouraged by the resounding response to date to the call to action, the One Tree For Every Bajan Project will be rolled out using a strategic and phased approach. We are starting at home in the parish of St. Andrew, in the heart of the Scotland District and the National Park. The aim is to continue working on the Walkers Dune Restoration Project and Walkers Reserve while simultaneously preparing plans to branch out into community spaces within the district with the aim of connecting and reconnecting Barbadians to their environment and creating healthy and resilient communities. Our long-term goal is to start expanding into public and community spaces across Barbados.

We want to promote food security and protect and enhance eco-systems. The aim is to plant the right trees in the right spaces using permaculture and regenerative agriculture techniques, with a focus on drought-tolerant, food-producing, ornamental, medicinal, indigenous species.

Partner with Us for a Better Barbados

The One Tree For Every Bajan Program gives businesses an opportunity to demonstrate how they can consistently & positively interact with nature and their communities.

Our approach to tree planting will be systematic and incremental. This is where private sector CSR will play a vital role. As we execute these projects, we will be reaching out to you in a coordinated manner to support our community & school restoration work through donations and the corporate volunteerism of your employees.

We understand the crucial role that corporate Barbados has to play in national development. To prosper over time, a company must not only deliver financial performance, but also show how it produces a positive contribution to society and the environment.

As the private sector continues to grow towards developing holistic business models, companies are focusing more and more on care for the environment and the communities they serve.

Knowing that different stakeholders have different needs and resources, WIRRED has created packages geared towards the corporate social responsibility that would offer an optimal experience, stimulating volunteerism and environmental stewardship at the organizational and individual levels!

Get involved!

  • Make a donation of trees
  • Make a financial donation towards tree planting
  • Sign up to volunteer
  • Plant a tree of your own, take a picture, post & hashtag it (#1tree1bajan and #onetreeonebajan)
  • Visit us at Walkers Reserve! Organize a tour or join our monthly Open House on the 3rd Saturday of each month.
  • Email us at onetree@wirred.org
  • Follow us FB: @wirredbarbados

Here’s what we’ve done so far!

Cable and Wireless Foundation (CWCF & Flow)

Through the partnership with CWCF & Flow we are developing mechanisms that will allow us to engage the private sector in exciting new ways but also connect them to other sectors of Barbados. This will be accomplished through:

  • The design and rollout of a technological interface (a mobile web app) for the indigenous regeneration project: 1 Tree 1 Bajan.
  • Design and execution of an engagement and marketing and communications strategy/campaign to establish a multi-sector partnership collation for the planting of 1 Tree 1 Bajan.
  • The design and delivery of employee fulfillment programs to targeted companies including Flow, Barbados. 

  • The launch education and interactive programs including: permaculture workshops in which participants can gain hands on experience in permaculture techniques that they can then apply in their own homes and communities.
  • The identification and development of at least one (1) micro-enterprise opportunity in the community directly relating to this project.
  • Implementation of Art for Trees to create early sensitization to the public for tree planting movement and stimulate the creative consciousness of Barbadians to embrace environmental stewardship.

It is noteworthy that the project funds are not allocated towards actual tree planting but rather the development of the mechanisms that will allow the program to be technology forward within the climate resilience space, engage private sector in a meaningful way that can affect change and work towards national and international goals for climate change.

Elon University North Carolina, World Forest Program

The Elon University World Forest Project launched in January 2018 to increase awareness and education about the impact of study abroad and ways students can have a positive impact. The collaboration with the One Tree For Every Bajan Program in January 2019 was the second cohort to participate under the World Forest Program. Elon has committed to continuing to partner with us each year as they investigate ways to further the impact of the project by combining it with verified carbon offsets toward its carbon emission reduction goals.

Biocultural Education & Research Programme

The Biocultural Education and Research Programme is focused on strengthening the link between plants and people by promoting heritage knowledge by searching for new medicines, plant-based materials and adapting to environmental/climate change. In April 2019, The Biocultural Education and Research Programme, in collaboration with PEG Farm and Nature Reserve, presented a Symposium and Botanical Exhibition, themed: Plants and Planting for the Future – Food Security, Climate Change and Health. Over the 3 days of activities, international, regional and local scientists in the fields of ethnobotany, food security and drug discovery took the opportunity participate in the One Tree For Every Bajan Program at Walkers Reserve.

The Codrington School, The International School of Barbados

A student led team of environmentalists from The Codrington School took part in the One Tree For Every Bajan planting experience. This event was truly special as it was orchestrated and led by one student, Daniel Thomson, who mobilized and recruited many of his classmates, family and friends to get involved! The turn out was motivating with 18 students and 18 adults planting 100 indigenous trees as part of Walkers Dune Restoration Project.

Youth Empowerment to Serve (YES)

As part of their contribution to environmental stewardship, YES participated in the One Tree For Every Bajan program planting with 35 eager young people planting 100 native trees in the sand dunes as part of the Walkers Dune Restoration Project. The YES programme is an initiative fully funded by the Government of Barbados that was implemented to stem the rising levels of youth unemployment. It was established in 1995 as a result of a Needs Analysis conducted among youth, who requested assistance in developing their entrepreneurial skills and talent, as well as tangible support to start-up businesses.  As a centre of excellence for entrepreneurial development, it empowers young people to acquire profitable and sustainable micro and small enterprises with a view to stimulate the productive sector through income-generation and job creation. Otherwise limited resources are brought together through collaboration with government, private sector technical partners, funding and business development agencies and communities in order to stimulate and encourage entrepreneurship.

Learning Centre & IGT Global (Barbados Lotteries)

IGT Global, Barbados Lotteries, mobilized their staff and finances and planted 39 food-producing trees at the Learning Centre alongside teachers and students. The One Tree activity not only spoke to the role of private sector in the community and commemorated Earth Day 2019 but also built environmental awareness amongst the students and provided a measure of food security for the school. The Learning Centre focuses on towards building the self-esteem of students with challenges through learning. The Centre recognizes the students’ dignity as human beings, encouraging them to achieve their full potential.

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