Applied to the area around the main entrance to Walkers Reserve.


Upon entering the grounds of the quarry, the first thing that strikes me is the scent of jasmine that is carried by the cool breeze. All around me are bird chirping and butterflies fluttering from flower to flower in this incredibly beautiful, multi-story display of tropical plants.  In the dappled light, I can see red mangoes, bananas and papayas ripe on the tree. As we pull in to park at the visitors center, we can see an amazing lake to the left that is shimmering in the afternoon sun.


  • To give visitors and guest a warm and beautiful welcome.
  • To be an example of multi-level productive food forest systems, with a focus on aesthetics.


  • Aesthetics and the creation of a living space meant to evoke a particular feeling and experience is an art.

food forest3


  • Creating the refined beauty and aesthetics required for a site such as this takes refined skill and experience.  For this reason, we recommend hiring a professional landscaping team to design and implement a plan here that integrates well with the goals and feel of the entire project.


  • Irrigation is an important feature to this area.
  • There are currently rain-water catchment cisterns with 12,000 gallons capacity at the back of the building.
  • City water is also connected to this area.
  • Allow the landscape company to design the specific requirements for the irrigation system.



  • A mix of fruit trees, edible perennials and aesthetic plants should be included in the planting plan of the landscapers.
  • Multistory, layered plantings that give an aesthetic appeal.

food forest 2


  • No major earthworks required.
  • There may be minor earthworks involved per the landscape design.

 Landscape connectivity

  • This site serves the unique purpose of being a hub for human activity, a major node of road connection and a point through which every person and imported item must pass through.
  • The roads have been designed to effectively reach the entire land from this point.

 Phases of Development

  • Because this area is an important part of the extraction process, this plot will not be fully developed anew until all extraction processes are complete.
  • Incremental design processes may be appropriate in the interim.

 Ongoing Management

  • Depending on the end use plan for the site, it is advisable that a full time gardener be hired to maintain areas of particular aesthetic importance.  This plot would rank among the most important to be maintained for aesthetics.


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