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Walkers Reserve presents a radical and new way of approaching post-extraction sand quarry activities. Through the use of Permaculture Design and the cooperation with the design firm Terra Genesis International, Walkers Reserve has created a unique vision for its future. One that aims at restoring the natural ecological functions while introducing different perennial food systems and protecting one of the last remaining dunes of its size in Barbados

Testing continues to be a key part of the regeneration plan, with no assumption taken for granted.  We are learning what the land is calling for, not imposing ideas of what we think the land needs.

Not only is Walkers Reserve aiming at restoring and protecting ecological functions, it also seeks to prove that economic models are viable alternatives post extraction and wants to be an example for the industry. The design both supports and strengthens the social fabric and local economy of the community and its surrounding parishes.

Over the course of the next five years,  the land will be transformed from an active sand quarry ..


2012_north_960_wide.. into an example of abundance 

For a more in depth exploration of the Permaculture Design guiding this transformation, see our Regeneration Manual

Rendering South_with_shade

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