Fifty years ago this property was a Savanna landscape.  300 years ago this area was a full canopy forest.  Early reports of explorers, pirates, traders and colonists show that Barbados was a jungle.  We propose the merger of these two possible landscapes through a matrix of grazing savannahs and forested landscapes.

Rotational Grazing

Holistic Management offers a clear methodology for increasing soil health and pasture diversity via the movement of animals across a landscape that mimics the dynamics of a natural ecosystem. These natural ecosystems being imitated are ones that exist in locations where there are herd animals such as the african kalahari.  This is called rotational grazing.  In the case of Walkers, the Permaculture Design calls for holistic management as well as the rotation of grazing animals, such as the Black Belly Sheep, through the savannah corridors. This will improve the soil, and help to maintain a traditional livelihood as well as bolster food security in the Belleplain area.

This will be carried out through partnership with one or more local grazers.  Offering holistic management training to these grazers will not only help their profitability and productivity, but will also help in the creation more soil, the sequestering of more carbon and will assist Walkers in assisting its long-term goals.

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