2019 will be focused on maintaining and improving those plantings that were already done. The bulk part of the planting portion of the restoration project will now be behind us and it will be time to care for and support all the planting that has already been completed. The exception to this is that the section in brown below will now be planted out into its final patterns, whether that be that orchard, grazing grass, or aesthetic patterns defined by the end of use plan.


Dry Season 2019

  • Maintenance will be the key work of 2019.  The entire planted area will need our attention to continue nurturing our long term tree species. These will need to be chopped and we will drop our legumes, apply mulch and replant any lost trees.  
    DSC_0203 (1)
  • The rotational grazing of the pasture area will continue during this time as well.


  • At this point, the earthworks on site will be completed, except for maybe some small scale earth-working around structures and unique spots.  These will be designed in future stages.

Dune Restoration:

  • At this point, the dunes would have been planted, and these will need to be monitored and encouraged for successful establishment of these species.
  • Turtle-nesting habitat will be returned to great health.

Rainy Season 2019

  • Most of the site will require the hard and important work of maintaining the existing plantings.
  • The Permaculture Orchard Pattern will continue with the planting of fruit trees on much of the area in brown on the map above.
  • The native trees species will be planted in parts of the brown area as well and rotational grazing will continue.

plant seedlings


Planting Patterns

Many different planting patterns will be expressed and carried out this rainy season.  Depending on the specific plot, one or more patterns may apply, and this depends on a variety of reasons.  This year many of the patterns will be in the maintenance phase. The planting patterns are:

Each plot will continue with the process laid out for them in these planting patterns. This may mean pioneer planting, orchard planting, native tree species establishment, rotational grazing or conservation efforts.

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